Evidence-based Software Engineering

About the book

This book discusses what is currently known about software engineering, based on an analysis of all the publicly available software engineering data. This aim is not as ambitious as it sounds, because there is not a great deal of data publicly available.
As work progressed, it became apparent that the best way to organise the material is as two parts, the first covering software engineering and the second the statistics likely to be needed for the analysis of software engineering data.
Until recently researchers in software engineering concentrated on producing work that gave readers mathematical orgasms, rather than anything useful to industry based on experimental evidence.

Things to read and look at

Draft of the complete book: 27 Oct 19, version 0.14.

The code+data on Github (around 450M).

View all figures; includes links to original paper for the data and source code on Github.

Reporting issues using Github is good for general discussion and makes it hard for me to ignore them (which I might do with email).

All referenced papers.

Slides and stuff for the workshops based on the second half of the book.

Major changes

27 Oct 19 Reworked projects chapter
29 Aug 19 Reworked ecosystems chapter
30 May 19 Reworked cognitive capitalism chapter
24 Nov 18 Polished/corrected/fiddled with the eight statistical analysis related chapters
31 Jul 18 Source code chapter released
3 Apr 18 Reliability chapter released
26 Nov 17 Tweaks, plus updated with newly arrived data
27 Oct 17 Projects chapter released
17 Jul 17 Ecosystems chapter released
26 Mar 17 Cognitive capitalism chapter released
29 Jan 17 Human cognitive characteristics chapter released
17 Oct 16 Statistical analysis material released

Minor updates

3 Mar 19 Polished/corrected/fiddled Human cognitive characteristics chapter
28 Oct 18 Survival analysis, circular statistics, compositional statistics and miscellaneous material polished.
29 Sep 18 Statistics, Regression and Time-series material polished.
1 Sep 18 Communications and Probability chapter polished.
2 Aug 18 Fixed non-figure html github hyperlinks and some minor stuff.
18 Feb 17 Fixed citation hyperlinks and added page number(s) on which citation is referenced to every citation.
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