OSPC - A Standards Enforcement Toolset for C

The Open Systems Portability Checker is designed to help solve the following problems in your C code:

Portability - OSPC identifies code that will not port between DOS, Windows NT, Unix, Microsoft Windows and the Power PC, and porting to 64-bit machines.

Compliance - OSPC allows your corporate coding and project specification standards to be completely automated for validating compliance.

Maintainability - OSPC identifies and measures complex, sloppy, and hard to maintain code.

Complexity - OSPC can generate a variety of program metrics, i.e., measure program size (Halstead), program cost, and program complexity (McCabe).

Checking is broken down into Language and API (Application Program Interface) checks:

Language checks include:

API checking is so sophisticated it needs it own page to describe all the functionality provided.

To see how OSPC has evolved over the last four years, check out back issues of OSPC Update.

For a complete list of OSPC options check out its man pages.

More technical information on OSPC

Tailoring OSPC

The information used to drive OSPC is user configurable. This enables users to:


The latest version of OSPC is available now on Sun 4, RS/6000, HP PA-RISC and Linux. Previous versions have been ported to Sequent, Digital Alpha running OSF/1 and NT, Stratus, Stride and Motorola 88k. It can quickly be ported to a wide range of Unix platforms.

Example of Checks performed when -LINT option is enabled

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